What if…

For the price of a gym membership, anyone who has ideas, projects or inspirations can access the tools and a collaborative community to make their dreams a reality.

BiG Fab Lab, LLC is an open-access 24/7 workshop (or “Maker Space“) that serves people in the Northwest Ohio region. We provide the equipment, classes, private storage and studio / co-working space, and personal assistance to a membership community that allows them to prototype and develop any idea they can imagine. We are targeting peopleschools, and businesses who have an interest in hands-on skills in a variety of crafting, design, manufacturing areas, and business incubation. We also provide retail space so that our members can test market and sell their creations!

Can you envision yourself as a member of this community of like-minded, creative people?

Could you imagine the power of bringing business, students (K-12 & university), and community members together into one place? No walls, no silos, each sharing and collaborating with others to innovate, educate, and collaborate. Perhaps we could transform our region and maybe the world!

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably one of us already! Caution: once you start down this road, your life will be forever changed! You’ll make new friends, discover skills and talents that you never knew you possessed, maybe find a new job, or start your very own company!

By filling out and submitting the simple questionnaire, we can keep you informed of our activities, and let you take advantage of special opportunities.

We host regular events that are usually free to attend.

  • Open Houses
  • Build Nights
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Featured presenters
  • Meet-ups

Meeting Space: Conference Room and Large Event Space is available upon request

We can’t wait to see you in the Lab!

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