Storage & Studio Space

We offer three kinds of space rentals: studio workspaces, storage-only spaces, and flexible-schedule workspaces.

Shelf and pallet storage spaces are designed for monthly members who don’t need a whole studio space, are prepared to do all their fabrication in the shared shops, but just want a place to drop their supplies and personal tools when they’re done working in the shops. Shelf spaces will be approximately 2 ft x 2ft x 2ft, and pallet storage spaces 40 x 48 inches, up to 8 or so ft tall.

Flex space is available for immediate, short-term project space needs, ideally for projects lasting less than one month. Space is available at the following rates: $0.50/sqft/day; $1.75/sqft/week.

Studio workspaces are designed for members looking for a long-term home base for their work at the Lab.

Membership and space rental comes with the following:

  • Wireless internet access.
  • Free use of conference rooms.
  • Mail and package delivery to front office.
  • 30-day tenant-at-will lease.
  • Air conditioning and heating.
  • First floor with leveled concrete flooring.
  • Access to a tractor-trailer loading dock and floor-level double doors.
  • Dumpster outside for trash pickup.
  • Proximity card access to shop equipment and tools.

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Approximate Dimensions and Pricing:

Rental Type

Cost / month

Approximate Dimensions

Storage – Locking cabinet drawer


1′ x 1′ x 3′

Storage – Palletized


40″Wx48″L, or 13 sqft

Studio Office


125  sqft

Studio Office


129 sqft

Studio Office


165 sqft

Studio Office (w/ window)


125 sqft

Workspace- 100 sf


12′ x 8.5′

Workspace- 200 sf


12′ x 16.5′

Large Workspace

$1.50 psf

Flexible (cubicle partitions)