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Our Tool Masterlist

This is our master list of tools. Tools in bold type are available for use.


Tool Categories

AbrasivesQty Sheet MetalQty
12″ Pedestal Disc sander1 Box/Pan Brake1
Cabinet sandblaster1 English wheel1
6″ dual pedestal grinder1 Planishing hammer, pnuematic1
6″ Pedestal polisher/buffer1 Sheet metal shear, 24″1
Vibratory polisher1 Slip roller, 24″1
   Throatless shear, bench mount1
Arts and Crafts  Bead roller1
Roland BN20 Vinyl  printer / cutter1 Corner notcher1
Glass cutters, stained glass5   
Soldering Irons, Stained glass3   
 T-Shirt Heat Press (using  Roland heat transfer material) 1 Surface and finishing 
   Powder coating station and oven1
Automotive  Spray paint booth1
Engine stand1   
Floor jack/jack stand Combo1 Welding  
Motorcycle stand/lift1 Plasma CNC cutter, 4′ x 8′1
Battery charger1 Welder, Tig1
Car lift, 4 post1 Welder, Mig1
Fully stocked Mechanics tool chest1 Welder, Spot1
Pneumatic hose reel1 Plasma cutter, portable1
retractable electrical cord reel1 Fume extractor1
Air compressor (Whole Fab Lab)1 Grinder1
   Welding Simulator1
Computer lab  Shop Vacuum1
Design Computers (Windows 10)8   
CAD (Autodesk Inventor & Solidworks)8 Wood Working 
Vectric Aspire (CAD/CAM1 Large Wood CNC router (6’x10′)1
 Adobe Creative Cloud Small Wood CNC router (30″x30″)1
Electronics  Compound Miter saw, sliding 12″1
Multimeter2 Shaper table1
Oscilloscope2 Cabinet Saw & Table Saw2
soldering station5 Bandsaw1
Dc, Power supply2 Belt/Disc sander 6″ belt, 12″ disc1
Signal Generator2 Wood Lathe1
Variable transformer1 Scroll Saw1
   Drill Press1
Fabrication  15″ wood planer1
Chop Saw1 Drum sander1
Drill press1 Panel Saw1
Horizontal Band saw1 4″ Jointer1
Vertical Band saw1 Air filtration units1
Pneumatic tubing bender1 Shop Vacuum4
Angle iron notcher/bender1 Dust cyclones1
Tubing notcher1 Piping and collection points1
Water Jet WJ 58CNC1   
Arbor press, 20 ton1 Rolling Stock 
Shop Vacuum1 21′ Box truck (Used, low milage)1
   1 ton Pickup/Plow1
Fabrics/Sewing  10,000# flatbed trailer1
Industrial sewing machine1 5000# Hyster fork truck1
Standard sewing machine1 Scissor lift 32301
Overlock machine (Serger)1 Pallet truck1
Embroidery machine, computerized1 Project carts5
Gammill-Statler 30-12 Longarm1 Measurements 
Layout table2 Calipers, digital and dial2
Fabric cutter2 Micrometer, digital2
Misc Hand Tools and Power tools  Plastics 
   Vacuum Forming Station1
Layout  Heat strip Bender1
Faro arm1 Injection Molder1
Granite layout table1 Shop Vacuum1
Height gauges1   
Machining  3D FDM Printer, ABS2
Large metal lathe and tooling2 Epilog Laser, Fusion 120Watt, 32 x 20 x 14.251
Tormach CNC Mill 11001 Epilog Laser, Zing 24, 60 watt3
Bridgeport Mill, 3 axis1 MakerBot replicater 2, 3D1
Surface grinder1 SolidWorks Design Software1
Shop Vacuum1 AutoDesk Inventor Software1
   Fusion 360 Ultimate1
Pottery/Ceramics   1
Large Kiln2   
Small Kiln2   
Air Brush kit1   
Pottery wheel3   

As you can see, our wish list is extensive. We’re always looking to increase our tool collection or improve upon what we currently have.

Consider moving your own workshop into the Lab:

  • Exchange your tools for membership, classes, and storage/studio space. We could help provide a “fair” market value on your tools.
  • Lease your equipment to the Lab. The Lab would be responsible for maintaining your equipment throughout the duration of mutually agreed upon lease terms.

We would be happy to discuss these opportunities with you at any time. Give us a call or email today! Or schedule a tour!

A shop bot tool is used in prototyping and full production for cutting, carving, machining and milling in a variety of materials including wood, mdf, plastics, foams and aluminum.
Shop Bot CNC tool
Lincoln Electric Welder multi-process welder is excellent for MIG, Stick, Flux-Cored, DC TIG welding and works well with a spool gun for aluminum welding
LE Welder
A 3D printer is a device that creates physical objects from digital plans. You can fill it with ABS (what Lego blocks are made of) or PLA (biodegradable and made of corn), download or make designs on a computer, press “go,” and create replicable, real objects.
Maker Bot
CNC Milling Machines are machine operated cutting tools that are programmed and managed by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems to accurately remove materials from a workpiece. The end result of the machining process is a specific part or product that is created using a Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.
CNC Mill
V Lite