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Memberships for Individuals and Families

Join the BiG Fab Lab and gain access to our woodshop, metalshop, pottery studio, 3D printers and scanners, laser engraver and more! Schedule a tour now!

Once you become a member and pass basic tool safety training, your creativity can have full reign!

Members are expected to work in a safe manner, treat others with respect, clean up after themselves, and care for the equipment. Memberships will be revoked if these guidelines are not followed. Check out our Member Handbook to understand your responsibilities as a member.

Each member will be issued an RFID swipe picture ID. This card will be necessary to access various areas of the Lab. Soon, our swipe system will allow us to control tool access, monitor usage, and monitor scheduling.

Membership Amenities

  • Use of all tools and equipment — successful completion of safety and basic use class required
  • 24/7 Access *
  • Central communal workshop with large worktables
  • Power outlets and compressed air at each worktable
  • Free use of conference rooms
  • Free use of computer workstations with software
  • Wi-fi with high speed Internet access
  • Free members-only meet-ups and other special events
  • Use of the refrigerator and microwave oven
  • Access to member-only lounge
  • 10% discount on classes and store merchandise

Membership grants you access to our shared equipment.

Monthly Memberships:

Standard$50$651 month*Tool surcharges apply
Discounted$40$551 month *Tool surcharges apply
Family or Associate Add-On$35$501 month *Tool surcharges apply

 Annual Memberships:

Standard$550 (save $50)$5651 year *Tool surcharges apply
Discounted$440 (save $40)$4551 year *Tool surcharges apply
 Family or Associate Add-On$385 (save $35)$4001 year *Tool surcharges apply


  1. The Discounted rate applies to students (14 to 21), seniors (65+), and military (active and inactive – thank you for your service!)
  2. Add-Ons will be linked to a single primary holder account. The primary account holder will be responsible for making monthly payments.
  3. New Members and Add-Ons pre-pay their first three months, non-refundable.
  4. * New members will be authorized for 24/7 access after taking 2 certification classes.
  5. Autopayment (or Recurring) membership payments are charged to the primary account holder’s credit card, monthly.
  6. Invoiced (or Non-recurring) memberships will be invoiced monthly. Payments made by cash, check, or credit card.
  7. Surcharges: Additional charges will be assessed for monthly tool use based on the following schedule. “Invoiced” memberships are assessed an additional 25% on tool surcharges:
    • 3D Printing – $5 per hr
    • Vinyl Cutting – $5
    • Vinyl Printing and Cutting – $15
    • Pottery – $5
    • Woodshop – $5
    • Metal Shop – $10
    • Welding – $15
    • Laser Engraver – $35
    • CNC Router – $20
    • Photography – $5
    • Gammill-Statler 30-12 Longarm – $25